The Challenge

Hotel Kiosk Design

Using the User Experience Process

Design a Hotel Kiosk for a Major Hotel Persona

Mobile Screenshot

Jimmy Green

Truck Driver


  • 48 years old
  • Grew up in a small town
  • Married
  • Truck driver for 15 years
  • Home for only a few days a month

I just need a clean bed to sleep in and my permit information, the easier the better.

Jimmy Green.

More About Jimmy

  • Motivations and Needs

    • Easy and fast hotel check-in
    • Ability to easily receive and print information sent from his employer
    • Ability to provide his employer a receipt for his stay

  • Frustrations

    He is frustrated with traffic and bad drivers. He also get's frustrated with having to wait on other people.

  • Ideal Experience

    After driving for 11 hours and dealing with crazy drivers and truck issues, he needs the ability to check into my hotel using only his credit card.

  • Nice To Haves

    He wants the ability to print paperwork without having to login to his email on a hotel computer. He would prefer not to receive paperwork through the hotel front desk fax machines.

Preparing for Usability Testing

The below documents were completed prior to the usability test.

  1. Use Case & User Flow
  2. Visio Workflow
  3. Balsamiq Wireframe
  4. Test Script
  5. Permission Form

From Sketch to Prototype

I created a wireframe using Balsamiq and then created a prototype for usability testing in Invision. With Invision, you can share your prototype with the tester and watch and record their interaction and clicks with the screen.

Access the Prototype

Pre-Usability Test Email

The below email was sent to the participant prior to the usability test:

Subject:Best Western Maimi Reservation: #BW8098098

Hi Jimmy, Your reservation for your stay at Best Western Miami has been confirmed. At check-in you can use your reservation #BW8098098 or your credit card on your reservation. We look forward to seeing you, Best Western Miami Did you know, you can now check-in at our automated kiosks and print document sent right to your account? That's right! No seperate computers or malfunctioning printers. It's all available at check-in. Your personal Best Western Inmail is

Usability Test Results

  • Kiosk vs. Front Desk?

    Jimmy would rather use the kiosk to avoid having to wait.
  • Printing vs. Dispensing

    Jimmy expects his hotel key to be "dispensed", rather than "printed", because the card is plastic.
  • Back Arrows Are Crucial

    Jimmy needs a way to go back on every screen.
  • Credit Card Swipes

    Jimmy expects to be able to swipe without selecting the credit card option.
  • In-Mail Feature

    Jimmy would need more than just an email to become aware of the in-mail feature.
  • Additional Requirements

    Jimmy would like the ability to check membership points and status.